Onyx M.D. has government physician jobs in all sectors of the federal government healthcare system including jobs at VA hospitals (Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals), military bases, correctional systems, Indian healthcare facilities, mental health clinics, and other federal agencies. Whether you are a primary care physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified registered nurse anesthetist, or any other type of physician, government physician jobs are suitable for every kind of specialty. 


Government physician jobs are known to be flexible and stable, and work with unique populations of underserved individuals. To work a federal physician government job, all you need is one active state medical license that is in good standing to work anywhere in the country. Plus, with government physician jobs there is a wide range of opportunities available, everything from quaint facilities in rural towns to state of the art facilities in big cities. Onyx M.D. will assist you in finding the perfect government physician job.


Benefits of Government Locum Tenens jobs

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