Locum Tenens Jobs


Locum Tenens = Higher Retention, Lower Attrition


One of the best opportunities for a provider in search of a job opportunity is through locum tenens job assignments.  The phrase “Locum Tenen” is derived from its Latin root and is synonymous with physician work that is temporary in nature.  However, it has come to mean much more in today’s age and complex healthcare environment.

Traditionally, locum tenens was primarily used as a tool for stop gap coverage, or when a physician was not able to perform service duties.  Now that physicians have reached a shortage level that most experts would consider a crisis, the utilization of a locum tenen provider has also changed!  

Projected Supply and Demand, Physicians, 2008-2020

This means that it is becoming ever more important to ensure a right fit since replacing a provider is very costly in light of the physician shortage crisis.  When there is a short supply, it is ever more important to vet a job opportunity before a commitment is made long term.  This benefits both parties since due diligence is done primarily through a “working interview” versus traditional recruiting tactics. Onyx M.D. embraces the “try before you buy” locum tenens model as a means to permanent placement.  This ensures that the fit between provider and job is sustainable regardless if the job is temporary or permanent in nature.


Working with Onyx M.D. provides a nationwide presence and intense focus on client growth and retention with enough optionality for providers looking for opportunities throughout all 50 states.  An Onyx M.D. client is usually a facility or practice that is in need of a physician or mid-level provider most often embracing the "try before you buy" approach which we have coined the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model to Permanent Placement. This unique “try before you buy” approach has opened doors to exciting careers in locations that might not have been considered otherwise.  Clients love it for two main reasons.  One, it lowers the overall cost of recruiting a physician with targeted Onyx M.D. discounts associated with length of the locum assignment.  Two, it is a proven approach that is sure to lower attrition rates by ensuring proper fit, lowering cost even further. 

Physician Leadership Perspective

As U.S. healthcare continues to be shaped by the implementation of Obama Care, we expect the physician shortage to worsen.  In addition, healthcare utilization is rising significantly as a higher percentage of the U.S. population ages.  This means there will be a higher demand for physician services.  This leaves an enormous challenge for U.S. healthcare delivery systems.

The Onyx M.D. Fusion Model is our proven approach to improving the probability that both recruitment and retention occurs through a “try before you buy” methodology.  As a physician working with Onyx M.D., it is imperative to understand the incentives and motivations of the decision makers that are in search of physicians and mid-level providers.  Hence, it is no surprise that the Onyx M.D. Fusion Model for Permanent Placement is quickly becoming the model of choice for majority of our clients looking for physicians in long term consideration.


The demand is great for qualified physicians in many specialties in many regions of the country.  Finding a good match may be as easy as using Onyx M.D.  Our strong understanding of the impact of U.S. physician shortage crisis, the dynamics of the physician workforce, newly instituted Obama Care and a principled approach to service is our competitive advantage.  We are the only physician owned and operated agency in the industry giving us the most unique delivery of service and perspective.


This is where the utilization of locum tenens becomes an advantage for both the provider and those who are seeking coverage.  The locum tenens approach to fulfilling a need can be used for temporary purposes and/or for vetting a permanent opportunity.  Healthcare organizations that rely on physician services across the nation may have a difficult time recruiting and retaining good providers.  Using locum tenens physicians to either fill short or long term vacancies will allow the working interview to ensure a proper fit and match.  This approach minimizes attrition and improves retention, thereby improving long term success for all parties.  It’s that simple!